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“Conquering the Undertow: Learning to Breathe Again”

About The Book

Have you ever thought, I just want to be happy? No matter where you look, it feels like everyone else has their life together. Yet the more you try to be happy, the harder it becomes.

The feeling of fulfillment, of happiness, is one that seems so simple, yet it can easily evade you.In this book, Suzanne shares about her personal experience
of finding peace in her life.


Suzanne employs different tactics to cope with a life that has let her down. Numbing herself to the pain, ignoring the impact of these events, helps Suzanne to just keep going, yet she is missing her zest for life. She embarks on a transformative journey to find her passion and ability to love her life again. In each chapter, she reflects on her past and explores the question:

How can you live the life you deserve?

From losing people she loves to being sexually assaulted, Suzanne wonders:

will I ever feel happy again?

What’s inside



Life Events, Depression, Toxic Environments, Sexual Assault, Grief, Loss


Quarter Life Crisis

What is it like to start your adult life in modern times?


How to

Includes 14 practices to move from feeling stuck to being a creator of your life


The goal of the book

To create a space where people feel seen, heard, accepted and understood. Inspire others to turn pain into passion

Do you ever feel you are living life just going through the motions?

Have you ever experienced so much pain that the universe feels completely out of your control? What if you could thrive in a world of your own design rather than one merely existing on autopilot?

In Conquering the Undertow: Learning to Breathe Again, Suzanne Renee teaches you how to regain passion for your life. As a survivor of multiple traumatic events, she knows what it feels like to believe your circumstances dictate your destiny. Her emotional journey, filled with loss and betrayal, blossoms into invaluable lessons and growth.

This book will inspire those experiencing the effects of trauma, grief, depression, and sexual assault. Learn vicariously through Suzanne’s story to better support yourself and others. This heartfelt portrayal shows you how to shift your mindset and live with power and meaningful intention. See how you can turn your pain into purpose.



In this memoir, written during the Covid-19 pandemic, Suzanne looks at what it takes to have an empowering mindset during those life events that take us by surprise. How does one go from reaching their breaking point to creating a life full of gratitude and appreciation?

By the time I was up to page 14, I was hooked. I was just so inspired, you literally reminded me of myself. So much of my story I saw in yours words.

John T.

This story absolutely grabbed me. Seriously, such talent. Well worth your attention

Judy B.

About the author.

Suzanne Renee graduated with an English major and Business Minor from Binghamton University in New York. She spent 15 years in hospitality learning the stories from people around the world. She has lived in five cities, experiencing many different walks of life.

She has spent six years creating breakthroughs as a result of her personal development work through Landmark Education and Tony Robbins: Comeback Challenge and Unleash the Power Within.

“I exist to remind people that they are not their circumstances and that anything is possible!”

Suzanne Renee

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