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Suzanne’ Story

Suzanne Renee graduated with an English major and Business Minor from Binghamton University in New York. She spent 15 years in hospitality learning stories from people around the world. She has lived in five cities, experiencing many different walks of life. She has spent six years creating breakthroughs as a result of her personal development work through Landmark Education and Tony Robbins: Comeback Challenge and Unleash the Power Within.

Through her YouTube Channel and her memoir, “Conquering the Undertow: Learning to Breathe Again ”, she brings personal development and the ability to shift one’s mindset at a moment’s notice. This has benefited many that thought they didn’t have time for personal development or the need, as they perceived their lives as being “fine”.

As a sexual assault and suicide survivor, she knows what it feels like to believe your circumstances dictate your life. Her mission is to have people who have experienced trauma and tragedy feel completely understood and connected. Her commitment is to help them find their voice and let go of the shame that comes from such experiences. From her battle with depression and anxiety, she knows the power of the mind and how one 5 minute conversation can change your life.

Suzanne Renee has spent the past 16 years in Miami, Washington DC, Boston, and New York City learning about people and what motivates and fulfills them. Through years of personal development, she has gained the strength, power and courage to create an extraordinary life. Suzanne currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she inspires people that feel controlled by their life’s circumstances.

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“I exist to remind people that they are not their circumstances and that anything is possible!”

Suzanne Renee

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