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Take advantage of 2022, by connecting with you!

Most people start every year, with resolutions, firmly believing they can change. Often, we look forward to the stroke of midnight so we can alter our habits. Next year, I’ll eat healthy. Next year, I’ll save money. Next year, I’ll get organized.  The truth is if you...

Self Celebrate!

This time of year is full of celebrations. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years etc. We come together to appreciate those around us and then a New Year begins and we think of resolutions. We reflect on how we want to improve in the next year. This got me...

The Power of a Gratitude Mindset

When I look back on my life thus far, I can clearly see turning points. Points where life was never to be the same again. Graduating from college, moving to a new city, or countless other moments changed who I was and what path my life would take. These days though, I...

How to avoid switching to autopilot on a daily basis

A recent phenomenon has occurred as many of us work from home and relax from home. How do you break up your work week when you don't go anywhere? How can we avoid just existing, or as I call it switching to autopilot? When so much uncertainty is occurring in the...

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