Self Celebrate!

This time of year is full of celebrations. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years etc. We come together to appreciate those around us and then a New Year begins and we think of resolutions. We reflect on how we want to improve in the next year. This got me thinking, we spend so much time on self improvement. There is even a section in most bookstores called self-improvement. But, where is the self celebration?

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with you, why don’t you stop for a second and celebrate something about you that is great. You may think “I’m just ordinary, there’s nothing really great about me”. For a long time I thought the same. I could listen to numerous qualities that made my friends shine but me eh, I’m just me.

Now I start every day thinking about something I really appreciate about myself. Maybe it’s my willingness to try new things, maybe it’s how much chocolate I can eat in one sitting, or maybe it’s that I can walk for hours and not even realize how much time is going by. If you can’t think of anything, write down a list of what you like about those closest to you. I’m willing to bet you have at least quality in common with them. Or, tell your friends you’re working on a project and ask them to name one aspect about you they really like.

Allow yourself to soak in the acknowledgment. Write down some of their comments or your own personal list on index cards and everyday read those over. I put mine near my bedroom mirror so on the days I’m upset at myself I remind myself of my value.

Before you even begin to think about what you can do better take a moment to embrace what is beautiful about you. We all have something, I promise.

The next time you hear the phrase self improvement, ask yourself, have I self celebrated today? If you haven’t, stop whatever you are doing and acknowledge something awesome about you!. Find a way to remind yourself that you matter and are unique. The brain works best on positive reinforcement, if you remind it what you do well you are more likely to accomplish more and feel truly fulfilled. It’s the holiday’s, give yourself the gift of self celebration, then go grab another cookie 🙂

Suzanne Renee